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How to increase FPS in Lost Ark

Most MMORPGs don't require much CPU usage and don't require a lot of fast movement. Lost Ark, however, is a much more fast-paced game than some of its contemporaries, so you want the highest frame rate you could get to deliver an ideal experience. That and the choppy footage are just really annoying. Here's how to increase FPS in Lost Ark.



How to increase FPS in Lost Ark?

The first thing you need to determine is what is causing the choppy frame rate. If your installation doesn't meet Lost Ark's recommended requirements, you're likely to suffer performance issues. Most likely, your computer is to blame. Here are the lists of minimum and recommended PC specs for Lost Ark straight from Amazon Support:



If your PC hardware doesn't meet the recommended requirements but still exceeds the minimum, you can improve your Lost Ark experience by tweaking the settings a bit.



Performance settings


Go to the 'Settings' menu and go to the 'Video' tab to find Lost Ark's graphic settings. There are a few tricks it is possible to check out right here:

  • Switch between windowed mode, borderless window, or full-screen mode
  • Reduce screen effects settings (shadows, textures, models, etc.) to medium or low.
  • Disable advanced graphics settings such as Enhanced Depth of Field.


Ideally, while playing Lost Ark, one should be aware of other things on your computer: one improves the frame rate in exchange for lower display fidelity. The problem may not be in the game itself if they don't work.


  • Do you use any processor or internet-intensive programs such as web browsers or other games? Try not to open many programs at the same time.
  • Does your computer download large files such as system updates? Either pause all active downloads or return to Lost Ark after completing them.
  • Is your computer's power profile set to a power-saving mode that slows down application performance? Go to power settings and switch to high-performance mode.
  • Are your graphics drivers up to date? Check the utility that came with your graphics card to ensure you have the latest drivers installed, and download them if you don't.
  • Is your computer overheating? If your computer generates a lot of heat or has a utility that reads high temperatures, your cooling systems (fans, liquid coolers, etc.) may fail.


If you still can't find a solution despite all this, the unfortunate truth may be that your computer isn't powerful enough to run Lost Ark at a perfect framerate. Your only solutions are to get a brand new personal computer or live with excellent bad FPS.


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