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How to report players in Lost Ark (insults, boosting, fraud, anti-game)?

Like any multiplayer game, it is expected that fanatics will feel fickle by trying to take advantage of flaws in the game or by disrupting the gaming experience with completely reprehensible misconduct. To maintain the propriety of the parties, Smilegate RPG has provided a reporting system directly integrated into the game interface.

Want to know how to report a Lost Ark player? Here's everything you need to know before writing players who violate the Lost Ark rules of conduct. You will learn how to stop abusive behavior by blocking annoying players.



When to report players in Lost Ark?

The MMO Lost Ark has a system for informing the game administrators of any abuses aimed at violating the game's rules. Here are the reporting categories:

Inappropriate Name: Any names violating complex language rules can be reported to the game admins.

Suspicion of unauthorized use of (bots): Use of the bot, use of third-party software,

The exploitation of bugs/system: Vulnerability allows obtaining advantages at a lower cost,

Inappropriate language: Insult, racism, sexism, intimidation, threat, incitement to hatred, aggression, provocations, or even harassment,

Too many messages in the discussion: Lost Ark currency sellers are legion for this type of game. Equipped with their best offers, we can see them spamming the global chats and polluting the discussion threads simultaneously. The best way to guard against this is to block them via the reporting interface.

Behavior: anti-game (be careful not to confuse it with the RP and PvP side of the game), "boosting".



How do I report a player from the game?

On-screen: Target the on-screen character with the cursor, hold control, + right mouse click to bring up the Character Menu. Choose the Report option.

Example of reporting directly on the screen with [ctrl] + [right click]

In the chat window: Target the character name in the chat thread, hold control + right mouse click to bring up the Menu. Choose the Report option.

Example of reporting: doing [Ctrl] + [Right click] on the nickname in the dialog window.

In a group: Being part of a group does not guarantee that everyone respects the game's rules. To report a player in the group, target the character and hold the control key + right-click to see the Report menu appear.

When you write your message to the attention of the administrators, be precise and factual about the facts of which the reported player is accused.



How to block a player?

While you won't be notified whether or not your report was upheld, you don't need to wait for a potential penalty to remove a harmful player. To do this, make arrangements without asking the perpetrator for anything. This consists purely and simply of blocking the player who will no longer appear in the chat windows and will no longer be audible in voice. To do this, keep the box checked at the bottom of the form, which guarantees you a little more peace of mind in the game.



Beware of scathing reports.

Some players would be tempted to abuse this system to get players banned. Beware of this practice which is not tolerated and whose penalties are just as severe as crossing the yellow line in the other categories of non-compliance with the game charter.