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Pokemon Go Guide to Find Porygon

Pokemon Go players must know the goal is to complete the Pokedex. It's difficult to finish it especially when pokemon are not easy to be caught. Some of you may have found pokemon like Snorlax, Dratini, Abra, and Gastly. Now here is guide to help you find Porygon.


Porygon is one of the most elusive and rare Pokemon Go trophies right now. It is so rare that it caused a stampede in Rhodes, Sydney, Australia when it appeared. To think of it, it is even harder for players to get hold of Porygon if they are not in that specific area.


Porygon hatches from a 5km egg, which most players are finding to be the most common in Pokemon Go. You'll probably have to buy a bunch of egg incubators though, because the chance of hatching a Porygon is still extremely low, think sub-5%. It's totally random, which can be good or bad, depending on your luck. That depends the first way is to hatch Porygon from the egg.


The second way is to find it in the wild. But where do you find Porygon in the wild? Well, that got a bit easier recently, if you can believe random players on the internet. According to most players, the best place to find a Porygon is near a large, government building. Head to the DMV, or the local court house, or something of that nature, and you might get lucky. As a Normal Type Pokemon, Porygon doesn't have a specific biome where you might expect to find him, so this is as close to a definite spawn pattern as we've seen. Give it a shot, and let us know how it goes.


If anything changes in Pokemon Go, we will let you know. For rare pokemon, pokemon accounts and news, click here to see more.