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What We Learn from Pokemon Go's AR Technology

Pokemon Go is the first game which adopts the Augmented Reality technology. While, its technology has a great promising prospect. In this page, the usage of AR and shortcomings of Pokemon Go game will be discussed.


Since the launch of Pokémon Go, gaming developers have been brainstorming ways in which they, too, can use AR to create immersive gaming environments that merge the digital and the physical world. Some gaming developers decide to use AR to improve dating games, some would like to use augmented reality to project fictional characters into the real world for various types of interaction. The possibilities seem endless, as augmented reality technology allows gaming developers to truly bring their characters and stories to life in a new way.


What commercial purposes can be reached by using the technology? This year, it was through an augmented reality app that business owners were able to reach out to potential new customers. Now that they see the value in AR, the future is likely to see more companies developing their own augmented reality apps to attract customers and clients. 


Pokémon Go has demonstrated that the lines between the digital world and physical world can be blurred. They also demonstrated how this capability can be used to make a profit. 


Even this game is a success, but it still has drawbacks. Concerned players were mainly focused on the lack of social interaction between players within the game. Players were disappointed that they were unable to interact with one another inside of the Pokémon Go universe. Players want to be able to trade Pokémon with friends and have one-on-one battles, but Niantic still has yet to implement these features. Developers will certainly keep this feedback in mind when developing AR apps of the future. With this feature, we are likely to see augmented reality games that feature more one-on-one interaction between players.


Another drawback of playing Pokémon Go is its location-based gameplay. Some users found that living outside of major cities prevented them from finding Pokémon. This is yet another issue that Niantic has been unable to find a fix for, but we are certain that future AR games will cater more to rural players.


As the promising prospect of AR technology, we would be glad to see the future of AR. So what do you think of? Any idea? Share with us. Wanna rare pokemon or Pokemon Go accounts? You can get from our online store.