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3 Free Apps to Help You Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go

It's a fact that it's not easy to capture pokemon. So here are some tools to help you locate where pokemon are on the map, the individual value of pokemon and which pokemon can fight against each other in gym.


1. GoRadar to locate pokemon


Go Radar, which is free to download from the iPhone's App Store. If you have an Android phone, you can use the free web app. Go Radar even lets you filter out common Pokémon you don't want to see on the map (like Rattata and Pidgey).


2. Poke Genie to detect "IV" value


There's one important stat that the game hides called Individual Values (IV). Your Pokémon's IV is its overall health, which includes stats for attack, defence, and stamina. Poke Genie app, the free tool screenshots of your Pokémon to tell you exactly how healthy they are. The higher IV your Pokémon has, the more valuable it is at fighting and defending in gyms. If you have two of the same Pokémon, it's best to kep the one with a higher IV vs. CP and spend candies to strengthen it over time.


3. Super Effective to choose pokemon to fight


Certain types of Pokémon are also better at defeating others in gyms, like water vs. fire types. Unless you remember all of the moves and type combinations, you should be using the Super Effective website to see which Pokémon best match against each other.


These three apps are free to go, you may have a try. Of course, if you want something for Pokemon Go, you can click our website to purchase. We also provide other things, like rare pokemon and pokemon account if you need. So come and buy.