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How to Get Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

Now that Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices in select regions around the world, players everywhere are flocking to the augmented-reality mobile game, hoping to learn all the ins and outs of catching, leveling, and battling Pokemon. Pokecoins are the in-game currency of Pokemon GO that can be used to buy useful items such as Pokeballs, potions, and revives. 


Today our guide is on how to get those gold coins without spending a dime.


Gyms and Battling

Firstly, fans need to become very familiar with gyms and battling. If one is new to Pokemon GO, Game Rant has already provided guides on battling, and the ins and outs of how to become a gym leader, so make sure to read up before worrying about Pokecoins.


Take Over a Gym

Now, in order to get your hands on a steady stream of Pokecoins everyday, fans and their chosen team need to take control over an enemy-controlled gym. This involves battling through the number of defending trainers stationed at the gym, which varies according to the gym's prestige level - the higher the prestige level, the more trainers you need to beat. 


Of course, players could always take over a gym by themselves, but the idea here is longevity and fans want to hold gym as long as possible, so working together as a team is crucial.


Defend the Gym

Once a team has taken over a gym, it's important to station a Pokemon there in order to defend it against other attacking players. After leaving the Pokemon at a gym, at this point a player's job is over. Each gym that a Pokemon is protecting will earn players a daily "defender bonus," which amounts to 10 Pokecoins roughly every 21 hours. For the more ambitious trainers out there, fans can protect up to 10 gyms at a time, which will net a cool 100 Pokecoins every day.


Use Teamwork

Given the long 21 hour wait-time for those Pokecoins, one will need to be holding onto those gyms for quite some time - hence why we stress on the importance of team work. Given Pokemon GO's huge popularity already, expect a good amount of resistance and failure before managing to get that Pokecoin stream flowing since there will undoubtedly be plenty of challengers trying to take over every gym.


Above is our guide, maybe you can have a try and see if these ways work. More latest news are available on our site Over there, we also offer rare pokemon, pokemon account and stardust as you may need.