Pokemon GO: It Is Said A Shiny Pikachu Is Coming

Something special is going on in Pokemon GO! Apparently, Niantic plans to release a rare Pikachu in the game soon. This is the result of an invitation to the Siggraph-Conference at the end of July 2017. Fans speculate: Will it be a Shiny Pokemon?

Pokemon GO Raid Battles Now Available For Level 5 Trainers

Pokemon GO reduced the required level of Raid Battles enough that now everyone can take part in it.

Pokemon GO - Some Details Revealed From GO Fest Map

GO Fest is coming up with great steps and the event map shows some details about the event.

Pokemon GO: Raid Battles Are Now Possible At Level 20

The developers of Pokemon GO are still looking for the level to enter the Raids after the release of the Gyms update for the app. From now on, all trainers can go raid at level 20 in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Updated New Limit For PokeCoins

Have you got tired of spending hours every day just to get a few measly PokeCoins in Pokemon GO Gyms? Niantic is still trying to adapt the new system to this need of the players.

Pokemon GO Officially Updated To Version 0.67.1 For Android And 1.37.1 For iOS

Niantic has started the process of updating the game client to a new version - all announced changes will soon be on the Pokemon GO!

Pokemon Go Will Make Huge Changes In Gyms When Disabled

Niantic finally told us how the Gym System will look after the changes - what is to wait! In this article, we gather the most important information from the official notes and present it in condensed form.

The Pokemon Go Gyms Will Be Disable From June 19

The Niantic representative on the reddice has already informed us that the gyms will be shut down due to the upcoming changes and all pokemon will be sent back to their coaches.

Pokemon GO: New AR Playground Could Allow Interaction With Pokemon

Niantic recently unveiled a tech demo that significantly expands the Augmented Reality features of Pokemon GO and could play an important role in the future development of the app. As reported by PokemonBux, the demo not only improves the AR encounters with Pokemon in the real world, but also allows players to interact significantly more with their own Pokemon via the so-called AR playground.

Announcement Of The Fire and Ice Pokemon Event In Pokemon Go

To celebrate the coming of summer solstice, Niantic throwed in information about the announcement of the Fire and Ice Pokemon event. Its content is identical to what we saw in the leak.

Pokemon Go Anniversary Celebration And Updates

Pokemon Go is approaching the first birthday! Niantic opened the secret of the coming event, the anniversary of Pokemon GO and another update.

Pokemon Go Released Version 0.63.4 Without Patch Notes

Niantic quietly introduces a new update, which unfortunately is just a package of further patches to the game. Unfortunately, this update is not widely distributed. The only Pokemon GO manufacturer just through twitter has announced that the update process has started to version 0.63.4 for Android and 1.33.4 for iOS.
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