July 23 Is The Highest-Selling Day In The History Of Pokemon GO

July 23, 2017 was the most powerful day in the history of Pokemon GO and the day when Niantic released the Legendary Pokemon. Despite the disastrous GO Fest events and the server problems, the players spent almost six million US dollars.

Niantic Postponed The European Safari Zone Events Scheduled For August

Since one week after the disaster at the GO festival in Chicago, Niantic would like to work on the issue before his big European tour and has postponed the Safari Zone events scheduled for August.

Pokemon GO Accurate Dates For The Legendary Trio

Niantic finally decided to share with us information about the exact periods in which the individual birds of the legendary trio will appear.

Pokemon Go: Technical Problems At Go Fest

Two legendary Pokemon were made public during the Pokemon Go Fest in Chicago. The event was overrun by a few technical problems.

Pokemon GO Add Articuno To Join Lugia

Niantic decided to join Arcticuno in the raid, and the bonuses would last until midnight between Monday and Tuesday.

Pokemon GO: Legendary Raid Boss In The Trailer

Niantic has released a new trailer for Pokemon GO, in which, among other things, the upcoming Legendary Raid Bosses are presented. The scenes make you want more, check out the video with the new summer features here!

Pokemon GO: All Information About The GO Fest

With the GO Fest, Pokemon GO is celebrating its one-year anniversary. However, there is currently confusion within the community about various details of the event, especially the legendary Pokemon and the so-called Mysterious Challenges. In our news, we light up and tell you everything you need to know.

Pokemon Go Improved Gym Battle Feature In Latest Update

The latest version 0.69.0 is available in Pokemon GO for Android now. You can also download the v1.39.0 on iOS devices. This time's updates are mainly about Gym Battle along with various bug fixes.

Pokemon GO Guide On Joining A Raid Battle In Gym

With the recently released major Gym Update for Pokemon GO, Niantic has released raids for the first time as a PvE feature for larger game groups. How these raids work and what rewards are waiting for you, can be found here in our guide.

Pokemon GO: Events All Over The World - The Right Anniversary Event

So far, Pokemon GO players were not quite as enthusiastic about the anniversary event. In addition to a special gift box and a Pikachu with Ash hat, Niantic did not deliver much. Now, however, the developers have kicked off the event with the "events around the world" event, and the fans are likely to be mild again. Players in Europe can look forward to Safari Zone events.

Pokemon GO Rumors About Legendary

We are all eagerly awaiting the moment when Niantic finally decides to share the legendary pokemon. That is why all the rumors are heating up the already hot atmosphere.

Catching Pikachu With Ash's Famous Hat In Pokemon GO Anniversary Event

Pokemon Go celebrates its first birthday! On the occasion of the anniversary, developer Niantic will offer the players a special Anniversary Box against in-game currency and a Pikachu with the Ash's famous hat.
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