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Pokemon GO Guide: How To Acquire 100K XP From A Single Lucky Egg

Almost all players enjoying Pokemon GO desire to be the very best, thus they making great efforts to acquire tips. And along with these lines, most of them would want to know the secret to levelling up fast. After all, such feat can give them interesting benefits. The more XP players get, the higher chances they have for acquiring stronger Pokemon. So yeah, how does one boost XPs in using Lucky Eggs? Here's a guide on how to get at least 100K experience points.


The steps are pretty much easy to follow. In fact, it won't take much a player's time in following it. Without further ado, check it out below.


  1. Players must "Favorite" most of the Pokemon GO creatures they wish to evolve (Note: It's best to stock them all up at once)
  2. Sort these Pokemon by "Favorite," and make sure that there's good WIFI and/or GPS connection.
  3. Throw the Lucky Egg down, and then evolve the very 1st specie.
  4. Immediately "Force Quit" or "Force Close" the application.
  5. Re-open the game right away.
  6. Do the same steps all over again with other Pokemon GO monsters.


This Pokemon GO trick basically shortens the time players have to go over with the game's evolve animation. Once the app is closed and re-opened, the Pokemon has already been evolved in only a small fraction of time. In fact, players can do the steps in an average evolution of 4 to 5 species per minute. And if done properly, acquiring 100K or more XP from a single Lucky Egg is possible.


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