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Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks: How To Get PokeCoins And Extra Stardust easily

In the massive hit game Pokemon Go, one of these so-called in-game resources is the Stardust which is also very useful when playing the game. It may not be difficult to acquire but some people are still having issues on powering up their Pokemon due to lack of Stardust supply.


What is a Stardust?


Stardust is an in-game resource used in powering up a certain Pokemon. You can acquire it by simply catching every wild Pokemon in your area. Each wild Pokemon will give you an 800-1000 stardust. You can also acquire it by stationing a Pokemon on a Pokemon gym or by hatching a Pokemon Egg.


Simple trick to get Pokecoins and extra stardust

There is a simple trick to help you gain an extra stardust along the way. First is the gym trick. You are eligible of 500 stardust and 10 PokeCoins for every Pokemon that is stationed to a Pokemon gym. This means the rewards depends on the number of stationed Pokemon. For instance, if you put 3 Pokemon on different gym locations, you will get a 1500 stardust and 30 PokeCoins upon the collection. Collections are available for every 24 hours. Apparently, you'll need stronger Pokemon to be able to defend your particular gym location or you will find gym locations that are not easily accessed to the public. There are lots of 'hidden' Pokemon Gyms around the map. If you are planning on doing this trick, it's better to find those hidden gyms.


Hatching Pokemon egg

The other way of acquiring extra stardust is by hatching Pokemon egg. There are now numerous of egg hatching trick surfacing the net that allows you to hatch your egg without walking. The stardust you can get on a hatched egg is equivalent to catching wild Pokemon. So the more egg you hatched, the more stardust you get.


Of course, there are just simple tricks. More information will be updating on, please stay tuned.