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Spawns Increased During Pokemon Go's Halloween Event

As we know that there is a Halloween event for Pokemon Go. During the event, game players can obtain more candies. Meanwhile, Pokemon spawns are more. Which Pokemon have these increased spawns, exactly?


Seven Pokemon were confirmed to be getting increased spawns in Niantic's official announcement, but a few others seem to be included in that pack. As observed by users over on the Pokemon Go Reddit, here are the Pokemon currently believed to be included in the "spooky" category and which will be showing up more often during the next week:













In particular, it seems Cubone is popping up the most frequently out of that list, although that's mainly just based on anecdotal experience from a variety of gamers. Several of these Pokemon are normally a bit hard to come by depending on what area you're playing the game in, and so if any of them are missing from your Pokedex, you'll definitely want to get out there and start hunting between now and November 1st.


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