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Ways To Craft Defiance PvP Gear In TERA

Defiance PvP weapons and armor allow you to hit harder in open world PvP and unequalized battlegrounds like Fraywind Canyon and Champion’s Skyring (teams queue). You will also be less squishy when being attacked by other players. Tera offers two different Defiance PvP gear designs (aka “recipes”). One design is cheap to craft but may take a long time to farm. The other Defiance design is expensive to craft but can be acquired fast if you have enough Tera gold. If you don't have the time and money to collect more gold, the easiest way is to go to U4GM to get cheaper Tera gold. The cheap price will definitely make you feel excited.




First, let’s discuss Defiance PvP gear that can be crafted for a cheap price but may take a long time to farm. In order to craft a full Defiance PvP gear set (weapon, hands, feet, chest) you need to farm 288,000 Bellicarium PvP credits and 96,000 Killing Spree PvP credits to purchase the Defiance PvP mats. 


You farm these primarily in the PvP battlegrounds Corsair’s Stronghold, Kumasylum and Fraywind Canyon. Assuming you only have one character it would take you a little over 7 weeks to farm the required 288,000 Bellicarium PvP credits to purchase materials for your full gear set. It takes that long for 1 toon because Tera caps the weekly Bellicarium and Killing Spree credits at 40,000. Don’t let this scare you off, there is a workaround if you have multiple characters.


After crafting the Controvert weapon I ran out of PvP credits to craft a Defiance Gunner Weapon. My Warrior had enough Bellicarium and Killing Spree credits to purchase enough PvP mats required to craft the Defiance Gunner weapon, then placed it in my bank. From there my Gunner could just grab it from the bank and equip the weapon. So the more characters you have running PvP battlegrounds the more PvP credits you can farm which will result in a lot shorter time than 7 weeks to craft your full PvP Defiance set.


Now onto the faster but expensive route, Tera labels these Designs “Crafted Defiance”. Here is why I call this the expensive way of crafting Defiance PvP gear. First, you must be a level 800 Master Weaponcrafter to craft the Defiance weapon and an 800 Master Armorcrafter to craft the armor. On top of that, the “Crafted Defiance “mats for a full Defiance gear set will cost around 100,000 gold. Since this Crafted Defiance gear is tradable you can find it for sale in the Trade Broker, of course for a premium price. The reason I call this method the faster route to take is that Crafted Defiance does not contain any PvP mats listed within the design ingredients.


Kingstorm Marks and Drop of Defiance are the only materials on the Defiance PvP design list you cannot buy from the trade broker. You can only acquire them by purchasing the materials through the PvP vendors. You buy Kingstorm Marks with “Bellicarium” credits from Surah, the Bellicarium Quartermaster. You buy Drop of Defiance from Juleor, the Killing Spree Quartermaster. Both vendors are located next to each other in the Valkyon Federation Headquarters, within Velika.