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How to Get Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon can be used for gym battles, pokemon trade, and possible head-to-head pokemon battles outside the gym. But you have to know that high quality pokemon can be beneficial for your gym battles, and also be attractive in the trading. The combat power is to measure the value of pokemon, so here are ways to help you increase the value of pokemon and get best pokemon.


There are ways from websites to help you level the value of pokemon.


1. In order to increase pokemon's cp you must use the power up option available on Pokémon screen. Two things are required for it: correct Candy and the required number of Stardust. Candy related to a pokemon can be obtained when catching a pokemon. Stardust is mostly obtained by catching pokemons - each captured creature will give you 100 pieces of the resource.


2. Every species of Pokemon can be characterized by three base statistics. Attack, Defense, and Stamina determine the Pokemon's Individual Values (IV). The tools that were used to measure the IVs were by The Silph Road. It can be found on their research page. They also included the list of all moves used in Pokemon Go.


3. All pokemon have a quick attack and charge attack. This is called a moveset. This determines the degree of damage per second can a pokemon do. It is then important that players have a pokemon with optimal moveset. It is also important that movesets are randomized during the evolution of the pokemon. A pokemon has to also make damage, and can last long enough to do damage in a fight. These can be seen through pokemon stats.


You may have a try to see if these ways work. Of course, these are just referances. is a good place to buy stardust for your Pokemon Go, and you also can buy pokemon accounts and rare pokemon. Please keep eyes on us!