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Pokemon Go Plus Guide: How to Use it

The Pokemon Go Plus is out now, is a device which allows you to catch pokemon, hatch eggs and visit pokestop. The wearable device costs about $35, and you should be able to pick one up for yourself as long as stock suffices at places like Amazon and GameStop, which only carries the device in its online store. In this article, a guide will be introduced to instruct you to use it and tell you something else.


First, you need to pair your phone with the Pokemon Go Plus. Turn on the bluetooth, then go into the Pokemon Go app to set for the option for Pokemon Go Plus. Choose the "available devices" and click it to get it to appear in the menu.


Once start playing, you can do according to the lights. Different lights mean different things. When you are at pokestop, the light turns blue. Your main device, phone, or tablet, vibrates (provided it can) everytime you pick up an item. The green light indicates Indicates a wild Pokemon nearby and it is already registered to your Pokedex. Once you successfully catch a Pokemon, it will flash and vibrate, mimicking the best it can the animation that is originally on your phone. If it flashes red and vibrates a bunch of times, it means your phone is not connected to the device anymore or may have lost communication or your phone is simply far from the Plus device. You will need to open the app from your main device and reconnect. There is a Pokemon GO Plus icon found in the upper left corner of your screen.


Above are all things you should know about Pokemon Go Plus. Besides, it can be used as distance tracker to hatch eggs and collect candies. Do you like to get one? Other than latest news about Pokemon Go, you can also buy stardust, rare pokemon, pokemon go account as you wish on our website Please check our website to see more.