Pokemon Go: 5 Tips to Take Advantage of New Gym Training

Version 1.11.4 of Pokemon Go on iOS (or 0.41.2 for Android!) brings two big changes - earning medals to improve your capture chances, and the updated gym training system. Now you are able to train with up to six Pokemon at once at a friendly Gym. So we're going to discuss the 5 tips to take advantage of this new updating system.

Pokemon Go Tips to Get Free Pokecoins

Poke Coins are the game's main currency and lets you buy more incubators to help you hatch multiple eggs, get more lure modules, potions, storage space, incense and more. So here are tips introduced to you to get free Pokecoins.

List Of Hatch Rate in 10 KM Pokemon Go Egg

Although the fever of playing Pokemon Go game has been debased, there are still people playing and catching pokemon. Then in this page, let's check the hatch rate in 10 km pokemon egg.

What You should Know about Achievement Badges in Pokemon Go

Achievement badges are awarded to you when you reach certain milestones in the game. In this page, what you need to know about the badges will be explained, including the requirements and what the badges mean.

A Change to Pokedex in Pokemon Go

There will be several changes coming to Pokemon Go, as we've talked about several upcoming changes in the previous articles. This time, a change revealed that allows allows the Pokemon you see at gym locations to be counted in your Pokedex as "seen" Pokemon.

Pokemon Go Tips to Maximize Stardust

Stardust is always what game players need in the game. And the demand is more when buddy system is added. Here in this article, we'll let you know how to maximize stardust.

Pokemon Go Guide to Find Porygon

Pokemon Go players must know the goal is to complete the Pokedex. It's difficult to finish it especially when pokemon are not easy to be caught.

Pokemon Go Update: A Major Change to Gym Training

Niantic has now revealed another new feature - an update to Pokemon Go gym system for the popular mobile game. The key change is that you can bring six Pokemon to battle instead of just one at friendly gyms.

Pokemon Go New Feature Capture Bonus Announced

Another new feature is coming to Pokemon Go announced by Niantic. Those medals you've been earning by catching pocket monsters will soon translate to a catch bonus, which will give you a better chance of capturing even more Pokemon.

Possible Ways Legendary Pokemon Will Arrive in Pokemon Go

There will be updates in Pokemon GO, and legendary pokemon will also arrive. But we don't know how these legendary pokemon will be introduced, so here are possible ways they would come out.

Pokemon Go Guide to Let You Get XP

In Pokemon Go, it's relatively easy to level up, but it soon becomes increasingly difficult as the XP requirements get more. In order to make you get XP better in Pokemon Go, here is detailed information to show XP with relevant actions.

The Right Pokemon to Battle Lapras in Pokemon Go

People who are always playing Pokemon Go know that Lapras is a tough Pokemon defender. Theoretically, the Lapras can be defeated by Electric, Fighting, Grass and Rock type Pokemon. Here proper pokemon to fight against Lapras is listed below with abilities.
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