Pokemon Go: 4 Things to be Fixed

Although many people are fond of playing Pokemon Go, people still want this hot game to make some improvements. In this article, 4 things are listed to be addressed in Pokemon Go with the wish to be solved.

Pokemon Go Update 0.39 Available: Lots of Changes Added

Pokemon Go has come up with yet another update for an APK download and it's labelled as the 0.39.0 version, bringing lots of changes.

Pokemon Go Update: What changes have been brought

Pokemon Go update has been released. Version 1.9.0 for iOS and version 0.39.0 for Android are being released and should hit the app stores anytime now. At the time of publication, most people who have the update got it through an APK download.

Pokemon Go Tips to Fix Pokemon Go Plus Connection Problems

Some players reflect that they got connection problems with Pokemon Go Plus when they're using Android phones. And here are some tips to fix connection problems.

Trading System Coming to Pokemon Go with Details Leaked

Pokemon players have been waiting the coming feature trading in the game. Niantic Labs President John Hanke announced earlier that a Pokemon Go trade system will be set up in the game. But there is no official date set for this upcoming feature.

Pokemon Go Problems - How to Fix Them

The free Pokemon Go is hot all these days. Even though some problems appear, players still like this game. Here is a list of Pokemon Go problems that users have reported with the game recently, along with fixes.

Pokemon Go: Top 5 Strongest Pokemon to Help You Win

Pokemon Go players may try to kinds of combinations to compete in battles. In this article, 5 strongest and competitive pokemon will be introduced to you to assist you with building a strong team.

How to Win Gym Battles in Pokemon Go

Capturing pokemon is not the only goal in Pokemon Go, it's also important to use pokemon to win gym battles. If you love the game and you are struggling in Gym battles when playing "Pokémon Go," so in this article, some tips are introduced to you.

How to Get Best Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon can be used for gym battles, pokemon trade, and possible head-to-head pokemon battles outside the gym. But you have to know that high quality pokemon can be beneficial for your gym battles, and also be attractive in the trading..

Pokemon Go Plus Guide: How to Use it

The Pokemon Go Plus is out now, is a device which allows you to catch pokemon, hatch eggs and visit pokestop. The wearable device costs about $35, and you should be able to pick one up for yourself as long as stock suffices at places like Amazon and GameStop.

The Buddy System Arrives in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go's previously announced Buddy system arrives today with the latest update from Niantic Labs. To add an interesting new dynamic to the game, Trainers can now pick one Pokemon from their collection as their "Buddy."

3 Free Apps to Help You Catch Pokemon in Pokemon Go

It's a fact that it's not easy to capture pokemon. So here are some tools to help you locate where pokemon are on the map, the individual value of pokemon and which pokemon can fight against each other in gym.
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