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Pokemon Go: 4 Things to be Fixed

Although many people are fond of playing Pokemon Go, people still want this hot game to make some improvements. In this article, 4 things are listed to be addressed in Pokemon Go with the wish to be solved.


1. Not transfer more than one Pokemon at a time to Professor Willow

Niantic hit upon a great idea in letting you trade in your duplicate Pokémon for candy that you can use to evolve the creatures you keep. But while there's a special satisfaction that comes from the first couple of times you send off a Pidgey to the good professor, we really don't need to experience it multiple times in a row when we're organizing our Pocket Monster roster. How much more convenient would it be if we could first select all the Pokémon we want to get rid of, tap the transfer button once?


2. Gym errors

We're not the only ones who go out for a stroll or bike ride to throw down at Gym, then get there and have an unexplained error lock us out of the fighting festivities, are we? It's especially frustrating when we make the trip in the middle of the night, with the streets on our way back home as dark as our mood.


3. Not designate regular members for Gym battles

It's sure that a certain random element keeps things fun and unpredictable, but we'd really appreciate being able to designate at least one captain to be a constant member of the team.


4. Give more 10-kilometer eggs

With all the ways we try to get out of walking (or at least get extra credit when we do walk), you might have guessed we'd want fewer of the game's longest-distance class of eggs, but we're craving more. A certain amount of random events are crucial for a fun game, but with 10-kilometer eggs being as rare as they are now, it's just way too heart-breaking when one cracks open to reveal a lowly Pinsir instead of one of the much cooler possibilities. Just give us more 10-kilometer eggs so we can have something we actually want too (plus, if we're being honest, we probably could use the exercise).


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