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Pokemon Go Update 0.39 Available: Lots of Changes Added

Pokemon Go has come up with yet another update for an APK download and it's labelled as the 0.39.0 version. If you're experiencing connectivity and performance issues from the previous update, then chances are that the latest APK download will mitigate those issues a bit. In this article, changes will be explained.


1. Capture location

Within the first two weeks of launch, we noticed the capture location map blanked out and later removed, leaving only the date captured. It was speculated this map was removed to help with server bandwidth issues. While the re-release of this feature isn't restoring it to its former glory, its still great to know where you caught a particular Pokemon. 


2. Pokemon Go Plus and Incense

With the release of the Go Plus, more and more trainers are out there putting it to the test. One thing noticed by trainers in 0.37.0 were that Pokemon spawned by Incense were not discovered by the Go Plus. This has since changed in this release, allowing you to pop that incense before you take your walk with your Go Plus.


3. Minor bug fixes

The update also adds some bug fixes and improvements to make the game a little better for players. One of the fixes is for a problem where players might get stuck at the loading screen even after restarting the app. Moreover, a fix also comes for those who use the augmented reality (AR) mode while catching Pokemon; the camera lag that seemed to occur sometimes during those moments should no longer occur, making AR mode a lot more fluid. Nevertheless, it's still a battery hog. Other bug fixes are also noted in the change log, but are not detailed, so they probably pertain to performance improvements, text fixes, and other minor things that you may not even notice.


If you are interested, you can download it for free from the App Store. Or if you want something like stardust for powering your pokemon, collecting rare pokemon, even having difficulty leveling up and wanting pokemon accounts, all of these you can buy on our website Except for the good service, you can also read the updating Pokemon Go news.