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Pokemon Go Update: What changes have been brought

Pokemon Go update has been released. Version 1.9.0 for iOS and version 0.39.0 for Android are being released and should hit the app stores anytime now. At the time of publication, most people who have the update got it through an APK download. 


The update also brings new features. This includes references to trading Pokemon, catching Legendary Pokemon, and notes on new items that'll be released in the in-game store. These features will be detailed in the following article. 


1. Trading Pokemon 

We've known that Pokemon would eventually be able to be traded just like the Nintendo handheld console games, but we've seen no reference in the game's code at present. But we can see the trading system will be coming soon from four clues, which are Trade Search, Trade Offer, Trade Response and Trade Result. It's likely users won't need to be immediately next to one another to be able to trade. Something like leaving one's Pokemon at a Gym to battle on their behalf may be in order.


2. Buddy Pokemon

We all know that the buddy system arrives in pokemon go, which allows you have one pokemon to follow you. This will help you collect candies for your buddy pokemon as you walk. Different Pokemon have different distances they need to walk to find candy.


3. New Store Items

We will be seeing more items soon. "Cool" Incense and "Floral" Incense can be seen in the code of the newest version of Pokemon GO. And  there's a new type of Egg Incubator on the way.


4. New Legendary Pokemon

Now we've discovered another stepping stone between here and the special events in which these Pokemon will be released. While before we were only able to see "Activity Catch Pokemon" in the code, there's now reference to "Activity Catch Legend Pokemon."


5. Google VR

Pokemon GO will have a virtual reality component. The Pokemon GO app file contains a folder called "VR", inside which can be found two folders: platform and Cardboard. This Cardboard folder contains files which reference Google Cardboard, aka the name for Google's virtual reality platform before it changed to Daydream. 


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