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Pokemon Go is to Appear on Apple Watch this year

Amazon may have leaked the iPhone 7 early today, but the biggest surprises of Apple's show so far have been two prominent Nintendo properties appearing on stage. It's not just Mario for iPhone. The mega-hit mobile game Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch as well, by the end of the year.


You can do many things in Pokémon GO's Apple Watch variant that you can do in the mobile version. Not only will it let you keep your phone in your pocket while tracking down the imaginary creatures - it'll track your steps and calories burned in real time, so you can integrate Pokemon Go into your fitness routine. Movement will track your distance so you can hatch eggs (and train Pokémon presumably, when the upcoming buddy system comes out). You can spin PokéStops on the watch and track "nearby" Pokémon. The only real limitation of the watch version is that when you get a notification that the Pokémon has appeared, you do have to pull out your phone and catch it the old-fashioned way.


But if you're not into Pokemon Go for the exercise, the Apple Watch companion app could still come in handy. It'll tap your wrist when you approach a PokeStop, show you nearby Pokemon and alert you when you earn medals or when your eggs hatch. It's much similar to Nintendo's upcoming Pokemon Go Plus accessory. 


Who knows if there are any more Nintendo-themed surprises revealing in the coming days, but the Apple Watch version of Pokémon GO, perhaps a nice idea, looks like it will be pretty helpful for dedicated players who happen to own the device. So are you excited to expect? Know more news you can click website Our website offer tings like stardust for increasing your cp, rare pokemon and pokemon accounts as you wish.