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Pokemon Go Tips: How to Level up for Trainers on Level 20

It must be difficult to proceed to level 21 when trainers are on level 20, a new level 21 need to take a long time. Here are some tips picked up from some website so that you can continue and up your level.


1. The best way to spend your money, real world money, in Pokemon Go is to buy Lucky Eggs, lots of them. That's if you want to level up faster, why not double your XP all the time right? Combined with Pidgey farming, you'll never go wrong. Also works best when battling.


2. Do not waste your higher level balls on low level Pokemon, at level 20, it is still important to keep your basic balls as opposed to being at level 30 where it is more important to carry higher level balls. At 20, you should balance your high level and low level balls.


3. The gym provides you with much XP. As you battle to conquer gyms, so does your XP conquering that XP bar, just make sure you will win. So, everytime you decide to conquer a gym, always be prepared. If the gym is too strong for you then, just keep on grinding until you can match that Pokemon guarding the gym. Also, it is better to conquer a gym that is being occupied by rival teams. Aside from it being ethical, you can deploy up to 6 Pokemon when attacking a rival gym. If you try to fight a team mate, you can only pick one Pokemon.


4. The most important tip in playing Pokemon Go, no matter what level, is always be safe. Do not play the game if the circumstances would endanger you. The next important one is of course, have fun. 


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