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Sightings Method Alternative in Pokemon Go

With the recent changes Niantic did to Pokemon GO, it's hard for most of players to know where a pokemon is exactly located. Here we set some user's methods from reddit as an example, alternative but yet effective methods to trace the pokemon.


The so-called Triangulating System is involved in this new method, which is used to trace the creature which around players' area. This technique can be made use of and good results can be obtained also. The below are steps to follow.


Step 1. Using the in-game's radar to locate a pokemon.


Step 2. Simply get going to it until it disappears wholly.


Step 3. Turn 90 degrees, and walk until the Pokemon GO creature disappears.


Step 4. Turn and then walk straight to "Spot 1." The specie will appear half the distance there.


In terms of this theory used in this method, a triangle's circumscribed circle is typically centered on its hypotenuse. The before mentioned Pokemon GO technique was believed to have been created way before the existence of the Slingshot Method. However, the former is said to be more effective than the latter.


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