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Pokemon Go Problems - How to Fix Them

The free Pokemon Go is hot all these days. Even though some problems appear, players still like this game. Here is a list of Pokemon Go problems that users have reported with the game recently, along with fixes.


1. Battery issues

For days now, users in the United States, New Zealand and Australia have complained that their smartphones quickly run out of battery power faster than they should when playing Pokemon GO. Though some battery drain is to be expected, it appears that there's a bug making it even worse on some devices specifically. Niantic says that it's working on a solution. In the meantime, it's a good idea for users having the battery drain issue to pick up a battery pack for their smartphone.


2. GPS not found

Pokemon uses internet connectivity and GPS technology to pin down where you are in the real world. When GPS location isn't present, the other picks up the slack. At least that's what should happen. Some users are getting error notifications saying "GPS Not Found." It turns out that some Android devices don't come with GPS technology turned on; users actually have to activate it. Look in Settings to enable GPS tracking. in Android 5.0, the feature is controlled by a switch within the Privacy and Settings area inside the Settings app.


3. Pokemon Go server issues

Frequently, Pokemon GO suffers from huge server outages as millions try to log into the game at the same time. Before planning to go on the hunt for new creatures, go ahead and use the Pokemon GO Sever Status website to see if others are having problems. Unfortunately, the issues are something Niantic will have to address over time.


4. Not seeing pokestops, gyms or creatures

If you live in a suburban or rural area, you might not see any PokeStops or Gyms because nothing in your immediate area was marked as a significant landmark by Niantic for the game. If you were able to see a Gym or PokeStop before, but can't see it now, try force closing the game. On the iPhone, double tap on the Home button, then swipe up to close the app. Now open it again. On Android hold the back button down until you see the multitasking menu. Now close the game from there. Then open it again.


5. Banned for cheating

Problems with cheating cropped up almost immediately after Pokémon GO became available to the public in final form. Some players used GPS tricks to make the game think that they were in a different location than they actually were. Some enterprising users have created bots specifically made to capture more creatures in the game. Using either will get you permanently banned from Pokémon GO. When an account is banned or blocked, Niantic doesn't refund any money spent in its shop, unfortunately.


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