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Trading System Coming to Pokemon Go with Details Leaked

Pokemon players have been waiting the coming feature trading in the game. Niantic Labs President John Hanke announced earlier that a Pokemon Go trade system will be set up in the game. In fact, the trading rules are already contained in Niantic's Term of Service. But there is no official date set for this upcoming feature.


According to BGR, the trading feature in the first mobile app to use augmented reality was one of the highlights during the release of the first Pokemon GO trailer two and a half months ago. Although no details were given out, as Pokemon GO Hub revealed that a recent code dump for the game included details on Trading under the Pokemon Go 0.37.1 APK. Perspective fans have found sighs of festures of the trading. Here is a summary of what it all means: 


1. A search feature that allows players to search for other users who are participating in trading or the so-called "Trading Players." However, the extent of visibility or range of search is still uncertain for this feature.


2. Enable players to creat, cancel and complete Trade Offers.


3. You can currently trade only Pokemon.


4. The trading system seems" resilient to connection loss", which means the trade will pursue once a viable connection is available again even though it was cut off during the first try.


5. It's inconclusive what type of connection trading will use.


There is no information how it will commence, it could be made via internet connection, Bluetooth, or some new technology we haven't heard of yet. It seems we will be able to trade Pokemon when the feature rolls out.


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