Methods to Help Track Distance Better in Pokemon Go

When you are walking around fro hatching eggs, the game is recording how far you have walked. But for game players, they may be endure the inconsistencies so that they walk farther than the game's record. Here are some methods which can help you track distance better.

Pokemon Go Tricks to Help Save Pokeballs

Pokeball is taking an important role in capturing and storing pokemon. For players, it's disappointing that wasting a pokeball without catching the pokemon. So in this article, two tricks will be introduced to you to save the pokeballs.

Pokemon Go Plus: Things You should Know

Pokemon Go Plus will be released next week, at that time, you will be able to get it on your hands. The Plus is a small wearable device that aims to simplify the act of catching Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is to Appear on Apple Watch this year

The biggest surprises of Apple's show so far have been two prominent Nintendo properties appearing on stage. It's not just Mario for iPhone. The mega-hit mobile game Pokemon Go is coming to the Apple Watch as well, by the end of the year.

Pokemon Go Tips: How to Level up for Trainers on Level 20

It must be difficult to proceed to level 21 when trainers are on level 20, a new level 21 need to take a long time. Here are some tips picked up from some website so that you can continue and up your level.

Sightings Method Alternative in Pokemon Go

With the recent changes Niantic did to Pokemon GO, it's hard for most of players to know where a pokemon is exactly located. Here we set some user's methods from reddit as an example, alternative but yet effective methods to trace the pokemon.

What You should Know about the Upcoming Buddy System in Pokemon Go

The buddy system is being added to Pokemon Go in the future, which will allow trainers to travel with a Pokemon of their choice outside of its Pokeball. Owing to the benefits by doing this, players want to figure out how this system function.

How to Get Free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go

Now that Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS devices in select regions around the world, players hope to learn all the ins and outs of catching, leveling, and battling Pokemon. Pokecoins are the in-game currency of Pokemon GO that can be used to buy useful items such as Pokeballs, potions, and revives.

A Buddy is Added to Pokemon Go Next Update

Buddies are important. Everyone likes a buddy. The buddy system, a wonderful feature that will allow us to upgrade our pokemon by walking and searching for pokemon, looks like it's coming to Pokemon Go soon thanks to some impressive data mining.

Pokemon GO Guide: How To Acquire 100K XP From A Single Lucky Egg

Almost all players enjoying Pokemon GO desire to be the very best, thus they making great efforts to acquire tips. Most of them would want to know the secret to levelling up fast. The more XP players get, the higher chances they have for acquiring stronger Pokemon.

Pokemon Go MythBusters: Disproved Tips and Tricks

There are all kinds of tips, tricks over pokemon. But if and when you finally do decide to use the internet to improve your Pokemon Go game, you might want to watch out for tips that seem reasonable, but have been proven false.

How to Get More Egg Incubators in Pokemon Go

An incubator is possible when you want to improve the chance of capturing the pokemon from eggs. In this article, two ways will be introduced to make you get more egg incubators.
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